Rupture is a zine centred around DIY culture – free parties, squats, social centres, art and activism

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Autumn 2019

Running a 2-for-1 on Thoughts and Prayers!

Screen PDF (2mb)

Spring 2019

End Humanity Now!

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Autumn 2018

Comfort zone???

Screen PDF (8mb)

Spring 2018

Stacking them up as they tear them down

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Autumn 2017

Poison pen poised in position

Screen PDF (8.4mb)


Spring 2017

Save the world –  Kill your children

Screen PDF (4mb)


Autumn 2016

Money goes in and the soul goes out

Screen PDF (5mb)


Spring 2016

Disguise the Limit

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Autumn 2015

Policy aim: Gun down the vulnerable

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Spring 2015

Blah dee blah dee, we likes to party

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Autumn-Winter 2014

Pulling our finger out for a sniff

Screen PDF (4.1mb)


Spring 2014

If you're talking pie, it's all about the crust

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October 2012 - out of the blue London TAA special

Old limbs throwing new shapes

Screen PDF(4.3mb)

+ special bonus 'The Rupture - Or, my first rave experience' by Simon Carter



Special Compendium issue – the best bits from 2012-2015

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